Blackwater Outdoor Experiences: New Paths for Adolescents and Their Families

Blackwater Outdoor Experiences is an experiential, therapeutic program of challenging personal and group activities. It is designed to encourage self-discovery, personal growth and the establishment of more clear communication patterns both interpersonal as well as within the family system.

"Recognizing that adolescents' issues are seldom separated from the larger family system, the final phase focuses on parent/child interaction"
The outdoor activities that occur during this experience are tailored to provide therapeutic opportunities. The majority of skills taught promotes a tremendous amount of group interaction and offer many occasions for both individual and group problem solving. Group therapy is employed as the major modality because of adolescents' natural affinity for strong peer identification and affiliation. Counselors facilitate both individual and group sessions and integrate learning experiences into daily activities.

"The integration of outdoor activities, daily therapies, specialized groups, and parental involvement creates an environment conducive to self-growth and change"
Prior to the trip, the director and staff review each case and become familiar with the specific needs of each adolescent and their family. This clinical sketch is then integrated with observations of how the adolescent negotiates the stresses inherent in dealing with a group of people in a new and challenging environment. As a result, the therapist is provided with numerous opportunities for observations. As participants respond to the learned-through-doing format of the program, issues of self-identity, individualization and personal responsibility are addressed repeatedly and remarkable changes are noted.
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